Garibaldi Lake

September 11-12 we went on an overnight hike to Garibaldi Lake and Panorama Ridge. It started on Sunday with a 9 km hike and more than 800 m elevation gain from the Rubble Creek parking lot to the Garibaldi Lake campground. This was followed on Monday morning by a 7 km hike to up to Panorama Ridge with 660 m elevation gain and back down the same 7 km. Then back to the parking lot in the afternoon for another 9 km. The parking lot is approximately 600 m above sea level, Garibaldi Lake is at 1472 m, and the peak of Panorama Ridge with the viewpoint at 2133 m.

There is also a video, but it was inadvertently recorded in time lapse mode. After slowing it down it now looks more like a slide show. 🙁

A 360° Panorama from Panorama Ridge

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