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The Home of a Kraut

This is Joachim's home on the World Wide Web. These days more and more sites on the Web can be viewed only if you use certain browsers. We try very hard to make this site look reasonable no matter what browser you use. If you encounter any other problems please send me a note with details about your browser and the symptoms. Other feedback is also appreciated, of course.

If you are simply looking for contact information you can head straight to Joachim Achtzehnter's business card, otherwise read on. Curious about the title of this site? What is behind all this Kraut business? Joachim's name is not Kraut, or is it?

If you are interested in the mysterious path of Joachim's career from Theoretical Physics to Software Development you can browse a hypertext version of Joachim's Resume.

You can browse Joachim's Usenet News articles about a variety of topics, mostly related to software development. Note, that this link takes you to Google Groups, don't forget to come back later!

Joachim has ported the Common Lisp mapping of Xerox/PARC's ILU system to Allegro Common Lisp for Windows. If this doesn't mean anything to you don't worry, if it does read more about ILU.

Joachim's public key is available for those who prefer to send secure email encrypted with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).