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ILU 2.0 Mapping for Franz Allegro Common Lisp

Supports Allegro 3 (Win32), 4 (Unix), and 5 (Unix and Win32)

Support for Allegro Common Lisp comes standard with the 2.0beta1 release of ILU that is available from the ILU Home Page.

As a convenience for Lisp users who don't have a C compiler, I have created a ZIP archive of a binary release for Allegro Common Lisp 5.0 on MS Windows, which includes the IDL compiler (lisp-stubber.exe), runtime C libraries (ilu32.dll, gss.dll, ilulisp_acl5.dll), and compiled runtime Lisp files. This is all you need to use ILU with ACL5/Windows. Note, that this is for the previous release of ILU (2.0alpha14). This particular build is used in an actual product and hence reasonably well tested, but there are no guarantees of any kind, it may not work for you.

A gzipped tar file containing the runtime/lisp and stubbers/lisp source directories used for this build may be of interest too. Finally, there are patch files for the difference between our source tree and the original alpha14 release: lisp runtime patches, kernel patches, and stubber patches.