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Joachim Achtzehnter

email:  joachim@kraut.ca         (private)
        joachima@netacquire.com  (work)

About Joachim

Joachim Achtzehnter was born on June 17, 1960 in Gelnhausen, Germany. He received formal education in Germany and the United States of America. Since leaving Germany he has lived and worked in the United States of America, England, Hong Kong, and since 1993 has settled in Canada. He is married and has an 18 year old son Floyd.

Selected Skills

Joachim's business experience has made him a valuable asset for his employers. Several decades in software development, and several years of exposure to basic research as a Physicist, together constitute the context in which Joachim has acquired a unique mix of business, technological and scientific expertise.

Employment History

Joachim's employment history contains information about companies that have found it worthwhile to pay Joachim for his services, as well as detailed descriptions of several major projects.


Joachim's academic experience includes formal education on two continents, in Germany and the United States of America. Titles awarded include Diplom Physiker and Doctor of Philosophy.